Adrian helped me to navigate the crazy rental market in the downtown Tampa. I have been extremely happy with her service, her communication style, her urgency when needed and her overall professional approach to me. She does not push me on any of the properties that I visited with her, but always provided a very balanced opinion when solicited. As a business owner with a hectic schedule, I can’t afford wasting my time and effort to relocate my home, but the relocation experience with her is very pleasant and memorable. All these attention to details arranging from getting a quote of moving company to utility accounts transfers and taking care of client's interests are rare things in today's red hot housing market. I would highly recommend her services and I definitely entrust her with my next transaction. Thank you. - mikemcbride7, 12/16/2014, Helped me rent a home -

Adrian is the most detailed agent I have ever met. She looks at the home or condo from every angle and does her homework long before she recommends anyone look at a property. I have bought a number of homes and have never seen an agent more diligent about getting me accurate information than Adrian Nagy. If you want an agent who will spend a huge amount of time to do the homework so they don't waste YOUR time, Adrian is your gal. She is Amazing! - HR reviewed, 10/16/2014, Currently working together -

Ms. Nagy was very helpful and knowledgeable. She was helpful during the sale and afterward with the house. I highly recommend her for her professionalism and skills in all aspects of real estate. -DocDavid112, 06/30/2014, helped me buy a home-

Adrian Nagy is the MOST Professional Real Estate Agent and Broker I have ever met. Having purchased multiple homes and commercial properties I have worked with a number of agents over the years and Adrian stands FAR Above the crowd in every area. Her attention to detail, her follow-through and her pleasant personality set her apart from anyone I have ever dealt with. I would recommend her HIGHLY to ANYONE looking to buy, sell or rent a property. I have just never seen an agent go to the extremes to find out so much information that is helpful in making a decision on either side of the transaction. I have also never seen an agent spend so much time and put so much effort in to trying to secure funding and insure that the transaction happens at the best possible rates and terms. Adrian ALWAYS has a SMILE on her face and a Cheerful word to say to everyone she meets. She is a PLEASURE to do business with and I would recommend her above anyone I have ever worked with! If you need anything at all: Ask Adrian! - Dave B, 10/02/2014, Currently working together -